"My reading with Briana opened up a door I simply wasn't seeing. She was grounded, heartfelt and intuitive. I was surprised by the depth of emotion that came up for me, and relieved to be able to finally address some things that had been buried. She is a great guide and I left feeling both emboldened and more at peace."
-Braden M., Writer

"The reading I received from Briana was absolutely transformative. She so deftly and gently identified a challenge I was having and gave me concrete tools to work with it and through it. I'm not being hyperbolic in the slightest when I say her reading changed my approach to life. The reading was such a gift!"
-Jahna, Playwright

"Each reading I've had with Briana has been magical. The insight she provides as she intuitively taps into the energy of the cards has laser-like precision. While she may not always tell me what it is I hope to hear (she doesn't sugar coat!), her readings always resonate with what my soul knows to be Truth. Her clarity, certainty and tenderness have helped me embrace, rather than shy from, challenging shifts and changes in my life. On top of that, Briana's thoughtful, witty, charming presence is a healing balm in and of itself. I can't recommend a reading with Briana highly enough, whether it's for you or as a gift for someone you love. This lady is real-deal magic!"
-Tyla Fowler, Intuitive Healer and Coach, Podcast Host for "A Year Ago Today"

"Briana's tarot card reading was intimate and precise. She had an absolutely incredible way of translating what she read in my cards into emotions events and ultimately the actions or lack thereof that I needed to take in order to get through what I was going through. Her support by way of the reading and conversation was so lifting and comforting that her words continued to ring in my ear as I moved through the following weeks. Gentle yet knowing, Briana surfaced wisdom, truth, and divinity that gave me the courage and knowledge I needed during a vulnerable point in my life."
-Dora Abigail, Visual Artist

"Briana is a natural healer. She articulated both my strengths and roadblocks with acuity, and offered me new tools for considering my life patterns. After my first session with her I recommended her to five or six friends. Everyone I sent her called her, quote unquote, "amazing!" Her generosity and intuition is a gift."
-Emily K., Actor

"Going into my reading with Briana, I was expecting to hear predictions about my future. It turned out to be the most insightful perspective on my present situation. It was worth more than 10 therapy sessions. I left feeling like I had a major breakthrough. Although Briana is incredibly intuitive, I would recommend her even to non-spiritual people because the reading was so helpful on other levels."
-Yona P., Criminal Defense Attorney